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Assembly & test services
Broadband data converters
High reliability ICs (QP semi product)
Maxim™ Life Extension Programme
Lattice™ CMOS PLD Life Extension Programme
High reliability microprocessors
Semiconductor lifecycle management
Literature and Articles
Counterfeit avoidance
e2v offers high reliability semiconductors and services into aerospace and defence, and high reliability industrial markets. We design and develop high speed data converters and microprocessors alongside services including hi-rel assembly, packaging and test, extended availability of obsolete and end-of-life integrated circuits and semiconductor lifecycle management under our SLiM™ brand.

Alongside our core design capabilities, we have strategic partnerships with Freescale, Everspin, Maxim and Micron to provide a range of high reliability versions of their standard products.

Please follow the links on the sidebar to find out more about specific applications and the products and services we offer.

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